What to Wear to A Family Dinner Party

Going to a family dinner or out with your girls or your hubby or your sweety!?! It won’t hurt to dress up a bit! I have got into the habit of wearing a dress or a skirt to dinner parties. Jeans are fine but its fun to make something so simple an event. At times I feel like people just don’t dress up anymore! Do something different, next time your going to meet someone for dinner, put on a dress , wear  your favorite lipstick, make it an event!

 Here are some tips on looking your best from head to toe by understanding your body type:

Dress for your body type.

 Find out your body type and clothes that best suit you!

Tips on what to wear to  dinner party:

Be inspired by movies! I loved this idea!

Anyways, back to the family dinner party!

Well this past Saturday was my Aunt Ruth’s Birthday dinner party at O’Donnells Seafood Restaurant in Gaithersburg. I wanted to wear a dress but at the last minute I decided on my favorite sweater skirt, worn here and then again this past Saturday. I paired it with my leopard shirt/dress and added a belt and a pumpkin shawl that was a gift from my Aunt!

Yours truly!

She had on the cutest outfit! She is working it at 65! She was so happy! I always have fun with her because she is a trip! Hilarious! I gave her a card that was blank inside and I wrote her the funniest little notes, little things she has said over the
year that had my stomach in knots! Years ago when my grandmother passed away she and her sisters were sitting around the table discussing family business and they were running me and my cousins! Get this get that, do this do that! So of course me being a jokester decided to spike my aunts cup of coffee! I didn’t spike it with alchohol, instead I used all the seasonings in the cabinet, pepper, salt, season salt, garlic, everything there was to offer. And me and my
cousins sat around and watched her talk and almost sip to finally sipping! The look on her face was priceless, and again we laughed so hard our stomachs hurt! So to this day she never lets me get her anything! It’s the funniest thing
ever! Of course if anything is missing or wrong around her, I did it! My cousins joked prior to her birthday that they were going to get her a male dancer and say I did it! LOL! And I know she would have believed them!

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Paul

And my mother of course was so excited about what she was wearing that the night before she showed me her entire outfit! And she called me this morning asking me to post the pictures today! Pressed! She does look cute, and she is working that Format blush by MAC! Oh and don’t let me forget her feathered earrings!


The food was great, I had crab stuffed flounder! I so wish I had a picture to show of my Dad’s meal, it was hilarious. He thought he ordered and read: crab cake with shrimp but instead he ordered and read: crab meat with shrimp. It was the saddest little dish! Sorry Daddy, I am still laughing at the look on your face when your food arrived!

And of course her are pictures of the fam!

Daddy and Aunt Ruth

Cousins: Kenneth and Sharon--AKA--Sherrrrrrrrrrrrn

Uncle Terry, Aunt Gwen, and Mommy

Cousin: Oh, Oh, Oh Sheila, and me

And the cake was yummy!

And the tears! Awwww!

Like the Tin Man---aaaaaaaaaa teeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaa teeeeeeeee!

And Happy Birthday Aunt Ruth! And to my Godmother Patricia–HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too!

I love you both!

Fabulously Yours,


4 thoughts on “What to Wear to A Family Dinner Party

  1. I just spoke to Ruth today. She’s a SPECIAL LADY…I’ll always be grateful for her bringing me to their home when I was a latch key child until my mom got home. Then I came to the church we now pastor in Olney, MD. God used that girl and may she have many, many, many Happy Birthday’s to come. THE WINNER OF THE FASHIONISTA CONTEST is my friend of nearly FIFTY (50) YEARS…Sandra Denise Williams Minor Blackwell (SMILES)!!! Go girl. Karen, you’re not bad yourself. Love, AK

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