Essential Make-Up Brushes for a Great Price

I believe there are 4 essential makeup brushes every woman should have in her makeup

I like these:

Blush brush

Eye shadow brush

Eyeliner brush

Concealer brush-either for concealer or for eyeshadow primer

Makeup brushes CAN be a little expensive, however there is always the alternative to not breaking your budget.

I have purchased a set of Bare Essential brushes from CVS for $9.99. Those are great starter brushes for those that are just getting into wearing make-up.

Elf at Target also has great affordable brushes that are super cute! This set costs $9.00!

ELF Essential Brushes - Pink.Opens in a new window

And then there are the Sonia Kushak brushes from Target that are amazingly and affordable.

A friend of mine gifted me A Sonia Kushak makeup brush set from Target. The brushes are made out of wood and came with a cute clutch!

I recently made a trip to Target and as always I am looking for a sale. I found this cute little brush set by Sonia Kushak for $12.97!

 A set of three brushes and a little book that gives you her list of essential brushes as well as tips on caring for your brushes.

Its super important to clean your brushes. I use a mild shampoo and rinse under hot water. Dont submerge your brushes instead be sure to wash only the hairs and keep the handles way from water, you don’t want the wood to expand or the glue to come undone.

About a month ago from the dollar store for $1 each. Generally there for seasonings but of course I am using them to store my brushes.

Well I hope you too are ready to invest in some make-up brushes be it Mac, Sephora, Sonia Kushak, Elf or even the Bare Essentials CVS brushes!

Fabulously Yours,


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