Game Night…shhhhh..Surprise B-Day Party!

Yes I planned game night but really it was a surprise
birthday party for my mom!! She was so surprised! She even cried! Awww!

My mom had no idea! All week she kept saying “I can’t believe your having game night on
my bday weekend! She was so offended! But when she walked through the door and
we yelled SURPRISE she was soooooooooo pumped!

Not only did we play games, we danced! Well my Mama danced the most and she cried and she just had a blast! The food was delish and everybody laughed and just enjoyed themselves!

The dancing machine!
More dancing!

My Aunt Gwen had such a great time, she said we had to
bring Say Anything to Christmas Eve dinner!

Whenever there is good food, good games and good people
around, your bound to have a good time! And it’s even better when its someone’s

Doesn’t she look cute! Trust she new she looked good!

We were FUNNIN!

And game night aint game night without great games to

We added a new game called Say Anything! Can I say we had soooooooo  much fun playing it! Everyone is given a board and the person with the game cards has to read a question like: In my opinion what is the weirdest thing that people collect? And everyone writes on
their card what they think and the reader chooses their favorite answer–and in
this case the winning answer was BABY TEETH-gross!

Really! Baby teeth! Love the straight face Donne!
In my opinion who is my favorite actress? This started the dance off!

At times when there was a tie answer we had a dance off and best dancer got the point! Yeah we add silly stuff to our games!

My group of friends and family are loud and competitive
so we enjoyed saying “In my opinion!”

It’s such a fun lively game! At least in my group it
was–we all wanted to be right!

Score boards!
In my opinion if my life was a movie what would it be called?
We were getting ready for the last game of the night–KILLER!

Since I love the game so much, I am going to giveaway a free copy to one subscriber!

All you have to do is LIKE North Star Games the creators of Say Anything on Facebook! And they are giving away a IPAD! Ummmm do it!! Just LIKE the page for your chance to win!

Only fans of the page can answer the survey. Become a fan by clicking the  button on top of the page.

And if you haven’t subscribed to my page please do so for your chance to win.

I will announce the winner on Thursday!!

And if you don’t win the game you can purchase it at Target. Trust this is a great game to play for the holidays!

P.S.-No outfit post of what I wore-I was swamped with being a host all weekend-i had no time! Sigh!

Fabulously Yours,


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