Yall know I am random!

Hey yall! I have had a week, actually I have had a month, a past 2 months of just EVERYTHING! Today is Thursday and I have no idea how I made it! My posts this week have been far and wide, my apologies for such a slow week in blogging and tweeting! But I just couldn’t get it together….like seriously. You know I have realized that I say LIKE so much in conversation, it’s kind of annoying to me now! Random thought!

Last night I made it a point to turn in early, I was in the bed by 9:30pm which is a miracle in my life. But I needed that rest badly. Going to bed early means waking up at some random time, I was up at 2:30am just laying there! Funny thing is my sweetheart was up to and sent me a text, we chatted about the most random topics until I realized I needed to close my eyes before my alarm clock went off!

This post is very random, it’s about everything I have been up to this week! All the sites and things I have been doing, seeing and loving! All randomness!

First up, I watched ihustlenation’s Deja vu video this morning. There are a few curse words in there so dont listen if your easily offended, but he speaks a lot of truth.

Aaaaand my cousins turned me on to Awkward Black Girl episodes on youtube. I watched episodes 1-4 on my way in this morning, again she uses some foul language but I was cracking up a bit at some of the stuff. It was entertaining on the metro this morning.

As for shopping-my old school homegirl that is now back in as one of my new  homegirls (that’s a lot) sent me this link Fashion to Figure. I love this site! The clothes are cheaper than ASOS a little more than Faith 21 and she says the quality is on point!

I am loving this skirt! And it only costs $28 bucks! Loooooooooove!

I am in love with the purse and this entire outfit from B Jones Style! I am on the hunt for a new clutch or two! Or anything vintage or similar to this! This is the one blog I check daily, I love her style!

My coworker Latoya graced my presence yesterday with this bag she purchased for $3 from a thrift store! Ummm and the belt is bananas! Watch your back Toya–I might be like a thief in the night! LOL–kidding—kind a! You know I was like let me take a picture right now! See how I used LIKE! I soooooooooo am working on LIKE breaking that habit LIKE for real! lol

New blogs I have been checking out  Curvy Girl Chic, Love Brown Sugar, Stylish Curves.

As I am sitting at my desk, LaToya walks in with this belt, necklace and clutch! I love it so much I had to share!

Okay well that’s it for now! I will be announcing the winner to Say Anything today at 4pm! The details are here if your interested in winning!

Fabulously Yours,


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