Miss Piggy For MAC

Come on now! Miss Piggy for MAC! She still got it yall! She is still the #1 Diva in Muppet World! A nail polish line and a make-up line! Don’t you just love this Muppet! Kermit must be so proud! You better work girl! Okay am I being overly silly over Miss Piggy a muppet——OF COURSE NOT! I am still drooling over the Excuse Moi OPI Muppets Polish and now the MAC Miss Piggy line!

My homegirl ANGIE B—B ANGIE B—okay it’s just Angie sent me an email about the line I believe last week but I have been so busy being LAZY that I just didn’t open the email! Please forgive me! LOL So this morning since I couldn’t watch episode 7 of Awkward Black Girl I browsed my emails and was like—OH YEAH MISS PIGGY FOR MAC! Best email I could have opened on a Friday. I guess I am being a little dramatic and random let me cut it out!

She is such a style icon! Werrrrrrrk it Miss Piggy! Kermit you betta watch out now! Hahahahahh! Am I cracking myself up today!

Miss Piggy always knows what to say! And she is so right! Let’s take some style tips from the ever stylish Miss Piggy!

1. “Beauty takes practice.”

2. “There is the satisfaction of providing your public with a vision of true beautology, true sytlisity, – how can I put it? – true glamorositude.”

And Miss P gives us tips on your 1st date:

“There is only one gift you should accept on your first date – diamonds.”

Diet and exercise:

“You can eliminate a lot of calories by entirely cutting out things you hate.”

I just love her so!

Okay I am obsessed with Miss Piggy photos!

Hope yall have a great weekend!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thanks to everyone for Liking North Star Games!

The winner is Jalissa! She not only LIKED North Star Games she passed the word on to her Grandmother and her sister and they too liked the page! Congrats sista! I cant wait to play the game again with you!

Fabulously Yours,


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