I am not my hair…or am I?

I am so excited about my new hair do! Okay I am a repeat offender, I had my hair this way earlier this year! LOL. But still I love it.

Here is the random inspiration behind my look! I was watching Annie on tv last week and I was like I want my hair curly again! Hahahahahhaha! So random. In my head I keep singing–The sun will come out tomorrow, tomorrow! Okay stop it Karen—FOCUS!

Annie has the best curls!

 It was a journey getting to this hairstyle, I wanted something different of course so I decided to browse the web and watch some hair tutorials to get some ideas. I found this tutorial fromKairox146’s  and decided to try the method that she tried, using rods in 3 different sizes and it came out looking exactly the same as when I used one size all over.

I also loved her 5 day followup. The style still looks good, I feel like I am on day 5 already but it’s only been 4 days! So that’s close enough!

It amazes me how my hair changes length depending on how it’s done. In this style my hair looks shorter than it really is, I have been asked all morning if I cut my hair.

I hope I can get 2 hairstyles out of it, it’s already frizzing up. I think it’s that Motions Marula Natural Therapy Hair and Scalp Oil I tried out, or it could be the weather or it could be the products she used, I don’t know, honestly I think it’s just my hair, it’s been funny acting lately!

I hope this can last me until maybe the 2nd week of December because that’s when I plan on getting my hair done for my 7 day cruise in January with my family and I am going to braid my hair up.  I want to add hair and BEADS, I am going real old school Alicia Keys!  The beads will add some fun, I just know coming off of vacation I have to figure out how to keep some of my beads in for work! Because I can’t just take them alllllllllllll out!

A bit much! LOL

I had no idea what to name this post so I chose–I am not my hair–just because I like that song! LOL

Fabulously Yours,


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