Black Friday Closet Sale

Yes, the biggest and funniest shopping day of the year is approaching! Black Friday I hear you and I refuse to bow down to you and spend allllllllllllll my hard earned money on you, however I will spend some of it on a few “I gotta have” items!

But before you take that plunge into over spending or even underspending be sure to take inventory of what you already have in your closet, donate or sale items that you know you are never wearing again, can’t fit or the ” What was I thinking”,  It’s the sure way to make room for something new!

However, I am all about finding that great Black Friday bargain and sometimes the best way to find that great item at a great price is SHOPPING SOMEONE ELSE”S CLOSET!

Last night I was given the inside scoop into my friend Sabrina’s closet! She is having a CLOSET SALE! I am all about great prices and great finds! She has an abudance of everything fashion and fabulousness! She has a great wardrobe and she is sharing it with the rest of us!

Here are a few items she has up for sale. If your interested please email me at

I loooooooooooove this!
So soft! And it has a hood! This is def. for the flyest of us all!
Ralph Lauren Vest! Super cute! And so on trend!
Love the heal on these!


For Harajuku Lovers!
Betsy Johnson bag and studded belts and a wallet! LOVE!
These retail at $158!

These are my favorite items she is selling! If your interested and want details or you see something you like, inbox me and I will get you in contact for Sabrina!

Have a great day!

Fabulously Yours,


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