Thanksgiving with the Fellas!

I am still in awwwwwww of my Thanksgiving! I spent it with Terry my sweety pie and his Dad! We left out on Wednesday and headed to Ohio. We had such a great ride and was so engulfed in conversation we spent the ride there and back with no music. Just us two! I loved it. My girlfriend asked me if I was nervous about meeting his Dad for the first time and of course I wasn’t. Nervous for what, although after she asked me I thought “Should I be”. Anyways I wasn’t nervous and when we finally meet he embraced me with a big hearty hug! I am literally a midget in his presence! We spent Wednesday night looking at pictures of baby Terry and teenage Terry! That guy was the cutest baby ever and as a teenager I am sure he had the ladies drooling over him!

Anyways back to Thanksgiving! As you can see I am head over heels over Terry and his Dad! Okay back to Thanksgiving! His dad prepared most of the meal prior to our arrival but I did make Mac and Cheese and Sweet potatoes. I had to warm the majority of the meal and make sure everything was timed so that the food was all hot at the same time.

Dinner was great and afterwards we chilled out and again looked at pictures, listened to old records and can  you believe his dad still has a 8 track! Loved it!

And on Black Friday we enjoyed lunch at Big Boys! One of my favorite childhood restaurants! As you can see I couldn’t resist buying a Big Boy bank and taking pictures in front of the restaurant!

His dad laughed at my excitement!

I looooooooove these pants! I bought them a couple months ago! Finally put them to good use!

I didn’t do any shopping—sike I did a little! Terry’s dad took us to Jungle Jims a HUGE international super market that has everything under the sun! His dad treated us to whatever we wanted. How sweet! You know I pumped my breaks and bought only a few things.

We bought a bunch of fruit but these were my favorite buys! I ate the candy out of Mrs. Pototo Head!

I wish there was a Jungle Jims near me because I just loved the store! Terry said it was his favorite place to go as a kid! I can see why! They had so many cool displays!

And Terry’s Dad gave us a tour of all the different types of foods! I was amazed at some of the things I saw! Like cactus! I had no idea people cooked with that!

I love Chipolte, so I had to take a picture of it!

We bought some of these! Very yummy!

Terry even has his own chocolates!

But the best part about the day was spending it with these guys!

This was the most shopping we did, we did go to the mall but I didn’t see much of anything and Terry is my voice of reason so of course if I didn’t need it I didn’t get it!

Overall I am thankful to have such a great guy with such a great dad!

I don’t have any outfit posts from my trip, although I looked absolutely cute everyday—ahahahahahah! I didn’t want to over do it on picture-taking, I mean I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression of me!

Fabulously Yours,


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