Where’s Waldo……Where’s Karen

Hey yall! I know it’s been almost all week since I have spoken with you guys! There has been one thing after another! Every time I go to post something crazy happens—wordpress kept deleting my posts and my internet went down! Ridiculous. But today I said nothing will keep me from talking to you guys!!! NOTHING BY ANY MEANS! Hahahahahh! A little to deep for no good reason!

I have been doing a WHOLE lot of planning for January, February, March, April, May, June….okay all of 2012! But for starters I have one more month until 2012 so I have to savor the last month of the year! I have chosen 5 things I have to do before I hit January!

1. Warby Parker Glasses: I have been  eye balling these for the entire year and I am finally sending off my prescription! I cant wait to get these. I need to be able to see the beauty of the ocean in Puerto Rico on my cruise in January.

3/4 View

2. The U.S. Botanic Garden-I soooooooooooooo want to see a little DC made out of tree bark, seeds, pinecones and other things from nature!

3. Darnalls Chance House Museum is decorating its self like a candy house and hosting a tea party on December 17, 2011. I know I have always been a fan of Hansel and Gretel so me and Terry will be in FULL CHARACTER! Hahahahahah!

Saturday, December 17, 2 pm Hansel and Gretel Tea Party Visit Darnall’s Chance when it is decorated like a gingerbread house. Listen to the story of Hansel and Gretel and enjoy tea and dessert. Ages 5 & up. Children must be accompanied by a paying adult. Capacity is limited; reservations and payment required in advance.
 Fee: Resident $12; Non-Resident $15

4. The Nutcracker is on my list every December and the last time I seen it was about 5 years ago when my friend Patricia was one of the 3 blind mice in a Montgomery College production. I think it was Montgomery College. Therefore I am making it a point to see it this year at the THEARC Theatre this December.

5. A FREE SPACE! I am still deciding on what else to add. I know there is the 30 Americans Exhibit that I haven’t seen yet but that is going on until February. Ummmm! I don’t know let me think on it!

There it is 5 well 4 things I must do before January 1! Please make your list as well. This is a total separate list from the Christmas Wish List! I am still drafting mine! But choosing 5 fun things to do is a great way to break up the Holiday Season and part take in something other than shopping!

I challenge you to do the same! Choose 5 simple things that will make the end of the year a KNOCK OUT!

Other than making my list, I have been so caught up at work and at home with planning and reorganizing things. I am so gearing up for a big change in my life!!

Have a great weekend people! And next week I will have plenty to share. I am creating my wish list and I cant wait to share!

Fabulously Yours,


4 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo……Where’s Karen

  1. Great list! Here’s mine:
    1) I’m thinking of taking my nephew to the Hansel and Gretel event.
    2) Going to see The Sound of Music at the Olney theatre.
    3) Participating in Secret Santa in Blogland.
    4) Book a trip out of the country for next year.
    5) Attend a Digital Sisterhood Month event.

  2. We took Natalya to the Nutcracker at the THEARC last year, it was ahh-mazing! So well done, and so beautiful!! I suggest you sit on the side seats or 5th row, the stage is HIGH.

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