To Pretty to Be a Repeat Offender!

Dress as a shirt-Missoni for Target, Teal Sweater Skirt-Grandmothers, Black Jacket-Torrid, Tights-IDK, Shoes-Target

Another sweater skirt in another color! I promise, it’s not the same green one from yesterday, this one is teal!! I couldn’t get the camera to cooperate with me today. I have become such a lover of sweater skirts, after I found one from the thrift store a couple of months back. Now I am constantly on the prowl for new ones. I have so many now in so many different colors!

Do yall remember when sweater dresses were a big trend, I sure do. I remember this girl in my neighborhood, she was really pretty and my mom invited her to church with us and when we picked her up she had on a really pretty red sweater dress. I remember that day so vividly because that was the day I found out I was pretty. Although, my parents always told me I was pretty, it wasnt a big deal, they have to do that! But when someone you find super pretty says to you ” You are such a pretty little girl” you believe them and it sinks in even more.  And ever since that day I have always made it a point to tell little girls how pretty they are! The best part about giving little girls compliments is seeing their little faces light up!

Fabulously Yours,


5 thoughts on “To Pretty to Be a Repeat Offender!

  1. Cute story! I finally found a sweater skirt. I washed it and unfortunately it smells like it was stored in a basement!!! ARRRGGGGGHHH!!!! I’m going to try some Baking Soda in the wash and see if that helps!

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