Armor yourself with the sun…..

 Do you ever just intentionally pay attention to the world around you? People walking, people talking, cars moving, paper swaying in the street, its like a big movie set–it’s the set of life,reality in its fullest state of being! On the train this morning, I was looking out the window and the sun was glaring down on me, it was warming me and instantly I was connected to it.  It was like a reminder that God is always with me, it didn’t matter which way I turned in my seat, the sun kept finding me through all the buildings the train passed. What a great feeling of serenity and love! No matter what the challenge God is always looking to find us, He is always with us, glaring down on us. But sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to take a moment and intentionally on purpose pay attention to what’s around us.

Sometimes it’s going outside for a 5 minute break at work and just standing there listening to your own heart beat. Or getting up 10 minutes early just to sit and sip tea at the kitchen table with no tv and no paper to cloud your thoughts. It could even be a moment where you close your eyes and tell yourself something sweet, or its that glance at yourself in the mirror, when you finally realize that your there and you need to take time for yourself.

It’s in those moments that we find our center, where we really see ourselves! So I encourage you today to not only give Tuesday your best but take a moment and PAUSE! Go outside and glare at the sun and  say a prayer to God and let Him know you acknowledge Him. Let him know your thankful for the SON! His birthday is coming so give Him an early shout out!

In referencing the sun, this time last year I was amazed by this exhibit called Black Sun by Fannie Schiavoni. When you start to pay attention to the world around you, you will see the different dimensions of how we all are created with different points of views!

I loved how Fannie Schiavoni described the meaning of her Black Sun exhibit:

It’s opening a question. The idea of “Black Sun” is that most people are looking at the world through the window of their computer screens. So people are living within the environment of their own rooms. This is also very common for artists because artists create their own worlds and live in their own worlds generally. Technology has brought the computer so much into our lives and we have access to so many other parts of the world and information.

Particularly for Japanese people the seasons and nature are so important. For these kinds of things to be missed in our lives because we never go outside is a shame. We don’t notice the cold or the heat or the beautiful cherry blossoms. Whatever we create with our own hands nature has always done it better and more beautifully. It’s important to go out and look. Even in the darkness and shadows beauty can be found.

Today I encourage you to take the world in around you and find something inspirational, let it speak to you!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my brother Josh! He turned 30 today!! TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! And I am so lame–Happy 20th Jalissa love!

Fabulously Yours,


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