Christmas Planning Mode

All I did was put a jacket over this summer outfit! LOL

Hey people! Am I the only one that feels like life is under construction. I feel like I am transitioning in so many different directions. I am preparing for Christmas, the new year and a cruise in January, while trying to finish out the year at work with a bang!

And when the weekends come I just want to rest! I havent even been shopping at all. I have gone into stores and left with nothing, it’s like I am in a BIG CHILL MODE! I did manage to put my tree up and havent even taken a single picture to share with you all. I have been at a stand still while moving fast all at the same time.

I do miss talking to you all daily and today I am bringing that back. Here is a look into whats going on in my mind. Like I said, I am planning Christmas, New Years and of course my birthday and a 7-day cruise with my family in January! It’s hard to focus on one thing! So for starts since Christmas is on Sunday here is what I plan to do this year!

Christmas Plans:

Christmas Eve I am going to my Aunt Gwen’s house as I always do. I am looking forward to playing games with my cousins, messing with my Aunts and just being all over the place! Oh and we are all wearing Christmas Sweaters which I haven’t even bought yet! I cant wait to share the sweaters with you all next week!

Christmas Day: I am making breakfast for me, Terry, my mom and my nephew. I am trying Paula Deen’s French Toast. I have had it and it’s so good!

I am also making Barefoot Contessas Roasted Turkey Roulade for dinner! I am preparing my first Christmas dinner!

Picture of Roasted Turkey Roulade Recipe

Aaaaaand the last new dish I am making is Mini Apple Pies. I wanted to make these on Thanksgiving but never did due to timing but for Christmas I am soooooooo making them.

And I can’t believe I am still trying to get gifts together. I am going to be a busy bee this week! Shopping last-minute is exciting! I guess!!

Wish me luck!

Fabulously Yours,


3 thoughts on “Christmas Planning Mode

  1. I feel you, my namesake. I just had a few prayer warriors lift ME up in prayer. I need to be a lot more ORGANIZED and a lot less distracted or confused but God knows I need HIM and He’s on the job. I’m excited for your family cruise. I know the food will turn out just fine. Enjoy and have a BLESSED and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and an AWESOME birthday and cruise. Love, Aunt Kathy

  2. MOMMY
    LOL anyway for starters I won’t be wearing the christmas sweater lol that is sooooo funny to me and I will be laughing at all that do. Very good blog Karen I always enjoy reading your blogs keep the info. coming. You have a bright new year ahead God has great things in store for you. I am so looking forward to the New Year and what God is going to do in my life and my family and friends life as well. So excited!!!!!!! Love you much Mommy A.K.A THE ONE AND ONLY MOM.

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