Me and Terry--FUZZY picture! Love our sweaters--I sure do!

Hey loves! I have officially survived the Christmas Holiday! It comes around so fast and before you know it it’s gone and your gearing up for the New Year!

Christmas this year was pretty chill. I did my usual, Aunt Gwen’s house on Christmas Eve. Which is fun every year! I guess the sweater thing didn’t turn out as well as I thought because it seems like me and Terry were the only ones in sweaters. But Jonice and Jalissa dressed alike in cute Hello Kitty Shirts!

Christmas Eve, Terry and I decorated our ginger bread house and made a gingerbread family. It was fun! We drank hot chocolate as we decorated! I had some pictures but my phone and camera seem to have deleted them! Weird huh!

Now for the major part of my holiday, I cooked!  I made the french toast casserole that I mentioned I just didn’t take any pictures of it. My mom, Noah, John (brother-in-law), my cousins Kenneth, Jonice and Jalissa all came over for breakfast that morning. They said the french toast was good, I had been pumping it for so long everybody wanted a taste.

I also cooked Christmas dinner for the first time ever! I know I shared the recipes with you all and here is the end result! Everything came out so delicious. I surprised myself. I enjoyed dinner with Terry and my Dad. I have no pictures of what I wore because frankly I was in chill clothes alllllllllllllllll day. I didn’t even leave the house on Christmas.  I was in my PJ’s all morning until around 2pm when I realized my Dad would be there for dinner soon!

Stuffed Turkey Breast
Parmesan broccoli
Ginger String Beans
Garlic and Italian Seasoned Mashed Potatoes

I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest. The relaxation, the time with family and the gifts! I will have to share my gifts with you all at some point. But for now, as I regroup and prepare for the New Year, have a good day and I hope like me you enjoyed your holiday!

Fabulously Yours,


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