2011=To Thy Own Self Be True!

I just erased December 2011 off my yearly calendar. Omgaaaaa did I really just erase 2011, the final month of this year. WOW! What a year it has been! I want to say thank you to everyone that has been following and reading FYI from January to present. I especially want to thank Dani C. for starting this journey with me, although she is no longer with me, I am still greatful for the time we spent on FYI!

A lot has happened, good and bad but over all I have rebirthed my life into something more than what it was in past years. I truly believe that this was the year that I BECAME!

 I wrote myself a letter and I want to share it with you:

Dear Self,

As the year ends I want to say Thank You. This year was a wild journey,many ups and downs many changes,many good but many not so good. You learned a lot about yourself some things to be proud of and some to be ashamed of. But overall you began your journey of a thousand miles with one step that just happened to broaden your vision and inspired your dreams. You added wings to your armor and your finally flying high. Iam glad that you finally realized that you can journey your path alone and your strength from God is plenty enough. You understand now that only you can carry your vision and that’s fine. This year marked the beginning of a journey well traveled with many more miles to cover but you started and as the sun rises and falls you start again, each day fresh and new with just as much ambition as the one before.

Keep on your path and along the way don’t hide your light always be willing to pull someone else along through encouragment and wisdom. Remain true to who God created you to be! Journey well self and keep your armor tight!

Always with you,




2 thoughts on “2011=To Thy Own Self Be True!

  1. Very well written Karen thanks so much for always touching my life and encourging me to write that book thats been in me for years, my children are my biggest fans so in 2012 I will start my journey too. Jesus take the wheel, I’m willing to tell my story now. Thanks Karen I Love you.

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