Happy Anniversary FYI

New Years Eve 2011

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to FYI! I still can’t believe it’s been 1 year since FYI was 1st birthed, and it doesn’t even feel that long! There has been 238 posts of 2011! WOW!

I can’t begin my 2012 year of blogging without first remembering a few blogs that have given me so much inspiration, as I look back, although I was writing to you all my readers I was also talking to myself and looking myself in the mirror and learning to love me just the way I am–always trying to create a better blue print! Life is not about trying to be something you’re not or coveting what someone else has but it’s mainly about you creating the better you, falling along the way but always getting back up again and again scraped knees and all.

Here are 2 of  my favorite quotes of blogging in 2011:

We Are History Makers– I as always encourage you to step out on all your hopes and dreams and create a history worth remembering and worth documenting even if it’s in your own book of life!

Hey Day or Tumbleweed– Don’t be a tumbleweed, soaking up negativity, doubt, fear, sorrow or all those other things that have contaminated your heart into believing less of who you are. Arise and reconnect, find your heyday, work hard for your period of greatness, success or power. The prime of your life is waiting for you!

And to those who have sent emails about starting a new blog, I encourage you to stay consistent regardless of the number of readers. I am happy to say that I have 50 followers and at least 30 others that read consistently but haven’t signed on officially! Regardless of the numbers, I am here, writing and reading and learning from my own words how to be just that “A fabulous Me”.


Unrepeatable. There is a magic about you that is all your own.  D.L. Meginger

And before I go check out my Madden Girl Glitter Boots! I am so in love with these! And today is my birthday! Happy Birthday FYI and to me!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I was a glitter girl for real! I stomped all over 2011 in glitter! LOL

Living it and breathing it–a new me,

Karen Marie Minor

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary FYI

  1. Thanks my beautiful daughter I enjoyed reading this post once again. Keep them coming I look forward to reading them and getting info. and encourgement you are sooooo uplifting to all that read your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Love, Mommy

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