Birthday Love–Glad to see you again!

Words are more than enough!

Yesterday was my birthday! I had such a great birthday! My family surprised me on Monday with a birthday brunch! How sweet of them! I know it was a stretch because we are going on a family cruise this weekend!

I have no pictures to share from the brunch although I am sure some will come up eventually on Facebook–I looked a hot mess! I so wasn’t prepared for picture-taking! LOL

But I do have some gifts to share!

Silsa surely knows what I love! And it matches my kitchen! I can't wait to use it!

Toki Doki 24 Karat Brushes! The Charms are so cute! Thanks Angie!

Donne hooked me up! This is my vacation read! I so need to get it together!

And my coworkers bought me Georgetown Cupcakes! So sweet! I know I reminded them over and over again that when we got back from NY break it would be my birthday! They even got me a card that read Happy (Winter) Birthday! I tell them I celebrate my life whenever I want to! LOL

And my Terry sent me flowers and balloons! SUPER SWEET–WINKING at you Terry!

I have such a great group of friends and family! So grateful to have been chosen to be in such a great circle! When celebrating your birthday it’s not about the gifts but more so about the words shared and the love received in celebration of your being born!

Thanks to all my who wished me a happy birthday and showered me with love!

And my mom is so funny and super sweet–yesterday she was praying over our dinner and she got real emotional thanking God for choosing me to be apart of her life. That is such a sweet thing to say–I wouldn’t have it any other way–He had to give me her–I wouldn’t be who I am without her–yall know she is a trip but she truly has a heart of gold!

Always in love with celebrating my life (just being honest),

Karen Marie Minor

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