At Hooters! I am loving the sun in Florida! But cant wait for my cruise tomorrow!

Iam officially on vacation! I am in Hollywood Fl and will soon be off on Saturday to our 7 Day Cruise!!

I left out early on Thursday morning and zoomed over to the airport. Everybody was on time,arriving 2 hours earl except my soul mate Nicole. I honestly had no idea she was on the same flight as us. The flight was due to leave at 10am, she arrived on the plane at10:00am—she ran through the airport to make it, she thought the flight was at 10:45am! Those that know her will think this is funny! She is always late but always shows up! Love her!

As soon as we touched down I called my other cousin Delores that isnt coming until Saturday just to rub it in her face! I left this message at her job: RE: Vacation, MESSAGE: Just rubbing it in your face! So wrong but so right! Hahahahah!

We are staying in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino! Such a HUGE hotel that is awesome but full of smoke! I am over it because ” IM ON VACATION TRICK”

Today is my last post until after vacation! Well I will be posting today and my girl Angie will be guest blogging  all next week! I want to really vacation, although I will be doing a little work here and there–I gotta get my website up!

I will be tweeting some pics here and there so be sure to follow me there!

Fabulously Yours,

Karen Marie Minor

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