Deals and Deals and Deals

Good morning, Good Afternoon, and GOOD EVENING FYI Readers!!  It’s me, Anji P. (yes that’s my name for real!) here filling in for K. Marie while she sails the seas with the fam.  It seems that this trip came overnight! We were just talking about it in August at her cousin’s birthday lunch.  Back to the matter at hand…

As some of the regular readers know, I am all about finding GREAT deals.  I love shopping and even more than that I love SAVING when I do.  I found some cute things while I was out this weekend.  I had my heart set on a stand for the corner in my hallway.  That was my priority, but since I LOVE SHOPPING, I found several cute things at an awesome price! 

I was able to find a stand at Ross for $17.99, replete with my signature-BUTTERFLIES!! I am now on the hunt for some bamboo or another plant that doesn’t require lots of light to sit on this stand.  I grew up with REAL plants, so I will only get an artificial one if it is out of this world!!


Next…Shameless plug for my ‘son’, Ahmir the Soul Pup.  He’s named after Questlove of The Roots, whose real name is Ahmir Thompson.  Check out his St. Patty’s Day Polo(and not my hodgepodge bed coverings…), which I found in what my friend’s parents call “The Targets” for $2.50!  I love how he has learned to pose.  Model in the making!


Finally, a few posts back you all got to see the Toki Doki make-up brush set K. Marie had been practically drooling over! The brushes are uber soft, so nothing else will ever come close!  Having said that, I found 2 brush sets in Ross.  I have a slight case of ADD which also effects my shopping, because clearly I was in there for houseware and ended up in cosmetics! LOL I absolutely love the brush set to the right.  The bristles are soft AND their dual-ended!  Each set only cost $2.49!  I have to admit, the purple set is pretty awful due to the cheap bristles.  It’s pretty though!

Stay tuned this week for more AWESOME deals!

PS- I am still learning WordPress, so I apologize if the post is funky looking.  I will have it all squared away by humpday!

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