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If you say today’s blog subject line OUT LOUD, you are sure to chuckle! I wanted to take some time to introduce to some and re-introduce to others the Reticular Activating System. From here on out we will call it “RAS”. The RAS is a small part of your brain responsible for your sleep/wake functions. Most importantly, it is responsible for what you remember. I was first introduced to this system watching a video from motivational speaker Tony Robbins on youtube. He used this very common example. Let’s say you purchase a baby blue Mercedes Benz. You buy it largely because you’ve never seen one like it. The moment you drive it off the lot, you begin to spot baby blue Mercedes Benzs everywhere!

I want you to watch this little video on the RAS….

Now, having this explanation, take a moment to think of how you can use your RAS to your advantage. I think this system is especially useful at this time of year when many of us have resolved to do things that we never ever do. Make this the year that you actually do it! Given that the RAS is responsible for what you recall, I want to share with you how it worked for me without me even knowing what it is. Several months ago, K. Marie and I sat down to do vision boards.

On my vision board, there is a pair of Aldo shoes that appeared in Essence magazine. I put the shoes on my vision board thinking that I would only find a pair similar to them. This is because when Essence puts items like this in their magazine, said items often sell out. In the rare case that it doesn’t sell out, then I would have had to buy them at full price. Anyone who knows me knows well that hardly anything I own was purchased at full price. I love and perhaps even LIVE for a sale, but I digress. In case the pictures in the blog aren’t working for you. The shoe looks like this:

So the story goes like this… I went to catch a movie with some friends at a local outlet mall. Our tickets were for a show that was an hour or two after the time we purchased them. Free time + Outlet Mall = SHOPPING. To make a long story short, we went in Aldo. They had ONE pair of this exact shoe! In MY size. ON SALE. I’m not certain of how much I paid for them, but it not over $30!

I see this vision board every morning while picking out what I will wear that day. This is a very short time, but just think how this picture planted a seed in my mind that I was able to see manifest. I know shoes aren’t a very big deal in the greater scheme of things, but this has truly made me a believer in vision boards and the RAS. I will be working on a vision board for the more important things in my life very soon. I think you should do the same. Just imagine the goals you truly want to accomplish, but never have. You can actually do that thing, or have that thing in your life. The picture will represent the reality for your, and cause you to seek out what you have been seeing!

Here’s some more reading on the subject:

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