Friday Favorites

Once my favorite morning show has gone off the air for the day, I go over to youtube to build a playlist to get me through to lunch. I work watch the latest videos from my subscribe list on youtube. More often than not, the list has at least one video from the people below. I hope you enjoy them like I do! Have a LUXURIOUS weekend!!

AfricanExport– She has natural hair and she thrifts. As you all know, K.Marie and I do the same!


Whoissugar – I can describe her just the same! Natural Hair, Thrifting, Comedy AND Inspiration!


actingrl112 aka Awkward Black Girl – This is a breakout web series that is just ITCHING to come to a small screen near you!! Check out ALL 12 episodes. You won’t be sorry you did! Here’s Episode 1!



Ihustlenation – His language can be colorful at times, but the truth he comes with is priceless! This is the video I showed K.Marie that got her hooked.


ShandaSays – She’s the wife of Fatman Scoop (the dude hollering in the remix of  “I never knew there was a love like this before” by Faith Evans) and an awesome, caring, kind, loving Fashionista! She dishes on everything from sex to shoes with CLASS, which is in small supply these days!


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