St. Thomas Love!

Just arriving in St. Thomas! The only pic with my mom and Sharon! They did a shopping exercursion!

Today marks my 3rd day back from vacation! I have been looking at my pictures and just reminiscing and getting excited about what’s next in my life!

We shall see! Now back to sharing my vacation!

Driving through the local area!

St. Thomas was the 1st island we visited. And might I say I am in love with that place. It’s absolutely beautiful. We had the best tour guide named Fitz that was our driver for the day!

The island isn’t but so big so he took us to the top for an amazing view.

And look what was there to greet us!

We of course took a group shot with Fitz and one with just us!

Our next destination was to a little shop were we were asked to sign their guest book. The signs in the shop were so uplifting.

Blurry but you get it!

And of course the main attraction of St. Thomas was the beautiful beaches. We visited Coki Beach, a small beach that wasn’t as crowded, well we got their before the major beach crowd. The sun was at its highest in the sky so it was perfect for tanning-not that I needed one but I loved sitting in the sun! I mean its winter here so I had to bask in it!!

Now get this Carnival had a snorkeling excursions for $60 and Coki beach offered it for $10!!! That is a major savings!! Lol

The Snorkeling crew!

As everyone else snorkeled my main objective was to sit back, relax and read! As you can see I brought my Lucky along!

I am telling you I certainly am a Lucky chic to have such a great family to experience such amazing things with!

I loooooooooooooove my family!

And what’s awesome about visiting this beach–our servers name was Michelle! Last year my cousins Brenda and Nicole lost their mother my Aunt Michelle to cancer and because the servers name was Michelle this was Heavens way of shining down on us, saying their Mommy is happy they are enjoying life!!

Until tomorrow, have a good one, stay fab and remember Heaven is always with us, its the beauty in the little things that matter most!

Fabulously Yours,

Ms. Karen Minor

9 thoughts on “St. Thomas Love!

  1. I love this. You guys looked like such a fun crew! You know I wanted to cry at the end because Chelle would interject herself all up in the trip. Love that!

    • Mrs. Allen if you’re sassy—Iam cracking up at your name right now! Love it! ANd yes we had a blast–we were known on the ship as the fun bunch!

  2. Great pictures Karen now I hate I paid for that tour now that I see all the pics you guys took but I some good shots from the mountain top as well. We went all the way to the top of the mountain and then we went shopping I had fun as well though. Great post Karen keep the pics coming. love mommy

    • I know, I so wish you were with us but all is well! Glad you enjoyed St. Thomas—cant wait until our next trip!

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