Puerto Rico Rainbows!

Puerto Rico Ooooooooh!

Puerto Rico was full of promises and new beginnings!

 We took a short tour of Old San Juan and while on the tour there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky that hit the water!

Just a reminder of the promises God made to us!

And after our tour we ate at a restaurant called Genesis where my dad asked for Half and Half (lemonade and tea) and my mom asked “Is it like shepherds  pie” Hahhahahaha! Umm we are in Puerto Rico! Lol


We didn’t visit any beaches because of the distance and short amount of time we had there but we did see some beautiful views of the ocean!

Supreme Leader said a prayer!

Me and my big sis Crystal! She's a boss!

While on the tour we walked around an old fort and saw a cemetery that sat on the water! I just love old cemeteries.

After our tour and lunch we split up to do some shopping and more site seeing.

Me, Brenda and Nicole visited this vintage shop, which I LOVED and honestly would have spent about an hour in there digging for treasure but I know they weren’t down for such an adventure! I did buy some old 1963 vintage mini lipstick tubes! I will have to share a the pics later!

I am fascinated with cemeteries and old churches and when I saw this church I had to take a few pics!

The shopping wasn’t that great for me in San Juan aside from the vintage store I didn’t buy much.

Just as we were walking back to the ship, I saw this beautiful dashiki. We went up in that store so quick! And of course we all bought one, Nicole bought two! And how about we were so pressed to get a pic in them, we went straight to our rooms to changed.

Brenda and her wind blown hair--FABULOUS!


 We all decided to meet up at the top deck to see the ship leave Puerto Rico and of course I had to take a bunch of pics of everyone!

My sister, cousins and Uncle Rev Pastor or Fuheelio!

Cant forget Sharon and Ariel!

Socks and sandles! Classic!

Dee looks so cute! I love this shirt!

Jonice! Cute dress!

It was so cool seeing the ship pull out and turn!!

I didn’t really get the feel of Puerto Rico and would like to visit again, maybe stay a few days! And I especially need to dig deep into that vintage store! I regret not buying this $60 vintage 1944 makeup compact! Now I am in search of one!

I cant end this email without first sharing these pictures of these beautiful plants that live all year round in Puerto Rico that I have in my living room.

Have a great adventurous weekend!

 Fabulously Yours,


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