The Grand Turks

I know, I know am I rubbing it in your face that I had a fabulous HOT vacation in January! Never, me, I would never do a such thing–or would I?

This is my last vacation post and then I will get back to FYI business–PROMISE!

Grand Turks is such a beautiful place to visit! The water was amazing!! And there were beautiful sea shells everywhere!

Me and my brother couldn’t get out of it. As you can see I saved his life in the water and he saved mine!

We kind of all did our own thing in Grand Turks, we were grouped all over the place! I gave my sister my camera to take on a small tour, I didn’t include the pictures because I have no idea what was what. Now we did meet up at Margaritaville and I took a few pics but it is too much to show, I might get myself into some trouble if I post such pictures! All I can say is that we SHUT that place down! All you heard was DC, DC,DC all through out the area! Omgaaaaaaaaa, I laughed so hard and had such a good time with my cousins!

However, I was able to snag a group shot of us after leaving Margaritaville before boarding our ship!

This post is the shortest compared to the other islands I shared. But this was my most favorite island! It was beautiful!

Last night I was over my cousin’s house until after midnight looking at Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Sea! I think that might be our next spot for next year!

Have a great day! And until tomorrow expand your wings today and try something different skip down the hall at work smiling! Might get the crazy look but it could be what you need!

Fabulously Expanding my WINGS,

Ms. Karen Minor

3 thoughts on “The Grand Turks

  1. I have enjoyed these pictures. Everyone needs a moment to just be happy and I’m so happy you got to do that with your fam. Also I love your outfits!

  2. What beautiful pictures!! You all looked like you had a fantabulous time! I’ve never been, but a visit to Turks is definitely being added to the must go list!

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