I Got In!



are dreams in sand as tenuous as those in your head?

Hey! So I got into a BIG TIME art exhibit called Artomatic. My art work will be displayed at Artomatic from May 18-June 24th!  Every time I think about this opportunity I get mixed feelings, I get nervous and excited and when I get nervous I think-CAN I REALLY BRING OUT WHAT’S BEEN IN MY HEART TO DO SINCE 2010! I have carried this vision of Words and Art in KMinor for that long, I see exactly what it is I am going to paint and create but it’s so much bigger than who I am. I guess that’s how I am living these days, making my dreams a reality no matter how big or how small. When I look back on the last Artomatic in 2009, I remember all the creativity that was pouring out of one space and I remember the feeling I had, it’s like my blood was boiling with great anticipation and I new I wanted to be in the number of all those creative people, I wanted to peel away at the layers of who Karen Marie Minor was. Even as I type I feel myself reliving that very moment. It sparked something inside of me, something great! I had an exhibit some years ago and I remember someone criticizing me for only doing just one exhibit and those words started to hurt my heart until I realized true creativity comes from the soul of who you are and it has to be birthed from inside of you and no one can pull it out or steal it from you. You have to stir up the gift from the inside out. I know I am always encouraging and telling you to live freely and to become who you want to be in life. We are all destined for something bigger than where we are, I think we sometimes get caught up and many never grow into who they were created to be.

Me and my cousin have already agreed that this is the year of building, dream building, working towards whatever it is that you want even if it’s greater than where you are or what you think you can handle. Dont stunt your own growth and don’t let anything stunt it for you. And if you feel like your time has passed and you have children to focus on or grandchildren encourage them, help develop their lives BUT still nurture who you are, your just as important!

Just keep me in your prayers as I work towards these deadlines of making my dreams a reality!

Also, I love this article Set Goals: Doing What you love in 2012 by Nubby Twiglet!

Fabulously Yours,

Karen Marie Minor

9 thoughts on “I Got In!

  1. Dear Holy Father God – Thank YOU for making Karen Marie Minor Holy, healthy, happy, creative and for blessing her to discover all of what YOU have had in YOUR mind since before she was born. Continue bringing out the BEST in her for YOUR honor, glory and Namesake. Do that in all of us whom YOU have created. We love YOU, Lord. Amen!!! KS

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