The Return of the Marie—Ms. Karen Minor

Happy Rainy Friday to the DMV and Happy Snowy Friday to Cleveland (my honey is there)!

 I started this day off thinking about a conversation I had this week with my coworker/friend Nate. It was a 2 minute conversation that obviously grabbed my attention beyond it’s duration.

He began talking about how he felt weird about his life, like he couldn’t explain the feelings he was having, like he was moving forward in his actions but yet it felt like he wasn’t moving at all, almost like he was going backwards or staying stagnant. I told him this was called evolving!

  When you evolve its like your still in your current state but yet your changing into something different, its like you’re in the between of change. I think some people get to this point and shrink back in fear because it’s an uneasy feeling when you can’t completely explain your state of being. But others continue moving regardless of the circumstances that are taking place

 Evolving happens in progression and regression. You have to ask yourself are you allowing yourself to progress during your state of evolution or are you shrinking in fear and regressing?

I know personally I am evolving, I have been here before, I have let it happen and I have shrunk back in fear! But as I have grown older I understand when it’s time to change, when it’s time to be still and when I am acting like a coward and stunting my growth.

I know that I was born to constantly evolve because I want to be my best and sometimes being the best means allowing change to take place!! And that’s what I am doing–CHANGING!

As you can see I have renamed FYI to Ms. Karen Minor because my name represents me and all that I stand for. So as of right now I invite you to join me in the evolution of FYI into Ms. Karen Minor-Words Art and Life In K.Minor. I hope you enjoy this adventure with me and explore the possibilities of making evolution apart of your life!

Always Fabulously Yours,

Ms. Karen Minor

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