How to Swim With Daggers In Your Chest

Is it really only Wednesday? Really! My week has been a blower! I started Monday off in a great mood! It was Monday but big deal I had a great weekend!

I get to work and I as always check my emails first thing! And boom! I have at least 5 emails from my boss that were sent to me Saturday! What the what! And there all about an urgent meeting Monday at 9:30am! Talk about a sudden mood change!!

My Monday was already packed with an orientation and training and now a meeting! Blower straight to the chest! Ugh!  As the new employees started trickling in of course put on my best smile and began my day with knots at the back of my throat! In between training we break for 10 and I go into my meeting, thinking it won’t be a long discussion because honestly what could I have done! Needless to say it turned out to be 30 minutes of ripping me to shreds! No lie! One mistake all of a sudden equaled 1,000 mistakes of how incompetent I am and how I don’t know how to prioritize. I obviously don’t agree about these things and honestly anyone who works with me can vouch for my work ethics and my ability to prioritize. However, a mistake that’s so small in the real world but so BIG in someone else world becomes larger than life and explodes! Now I will say he said one thing that I agreed with: Always put your best work forward! And a few times, I may have overlooked a detail here and there, not on purpose. I am human but yet I still should double now triple check everything!

Of course after any meeting like this you feel as if you’re under a microscope, walking on egg shells and all you hear are those negative words spoken over you! And there is an opinion about you swimming around in someone else head that you don’t agree with. You are now a 3 out of 10! How do you shake that? And it’s just Wednesday! You still have 3 days left in a pool of negative thoughts about you!

I guess you get out the pool and start swimming in the opposite direction before you allow yourself to drown in a pool made for cowards and weaklings!

Soooooo I am swimming today and I am kicking hard! Shaking negativity when it catches you off guard is hard. It’s a battle in your head because the things that hurt you the most somehow creates a carbon copy of its self and your thoughts read it constantly over and over again! You find yourself in a daze, reliving the moment over and over again! STOP IT!

Take action immediately because you don’t want those words to linger and get comfortable in you!

How do you swim out of a pool of negativity? I had to do a few things and still am doing these things! Sometimes you have to be a little extra to get the results you want. And I soooo don’t like these daggers in my chest!

1. Destroy the carbon copy. Start to read positive quotes online or in your favorite books! I posted my favorite quotes yesterday on Your King of Your Jungle! Roar! I just love this so much I pinned it to my Pinterest Board! Yes I have one and will be sharing it very soon with you guys!


2. Look at cute pictures that make you smile!  My dad sent me some childhood photos of me and my sister on Monday but for some reason I can’t get them to upload.

 3. Watch your favorite movie clips on youtube! I watched this one from Burn After Reading, its hilarious! He goes off on his boss in a meeting! During my meeting this came to mind and I suddenly remembered the unemployment rate and brought my mind in! Ha!

Burn After Reading

4. Music is a powerful way to cheer yourself up but sometimes it’s an easy way to hide the noise in your heart! Use music wisely! But if I had tickets to this I would instantly forget about that meeting I had on Monday! So true!

Pinned Image

5. Read your dreams list! You know your goals for 2012!. I hope you have some!

6. Remind yourself of who you are!! Write down positive words to fight the negative daggers that were thrown at you.

Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Also a great Depeche Mode song ;)

7. Hug somebody that loves you and if no one is around you hug yourself!

8. Look up in the sky and smile. It’s a reminder of just how small you are in such a big world but yet you’re the apple of God’s eye!

9. Toast to the weekend! I am not a Rihanna fan but I surely needed to hear her Cheers song–not because I need a drink but because it says “Cheers to the freakin weekend”

Well there you have it! I think after my own well created therapy I no longer have daggers in my chest and I am out the water! Now it’s time to cheer you on! Come on you can do it! Get rid of that negativity that has you drowning in the water!

Fabulously Dagger Free,

Ms. Karen Minor

6 thoughts on “How to Swim With Daggers In Your Chest

  1. Keep your head up, honey! I’ve been in that situation before and it sucks – ROYALLY! Be confident in your work and keep doing your best.

  2. He probably was just told how incompetent he is and wanted to make himself feel bigger so he took it out on the most upbeat, loving, smart and Godly person who wouldn’t go off on him. We never know what others are dealing with until they unleash and unload on us then we can see there’s something there that they don’t know how to deal with. Making a mountain out of a mole hill shows it’s something going on that he can’t seem to handle himself. Pray for him and you will get those daggers out quick and bind the spirits of worry, fear, doubt and self loathing. You are a gracious and wonderful woman of God and I know that for a fact. Love, AK

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