You Are What You Eat!

I have been reading this since my vacation!

 I am sure some of you are wondering—Where is she? Has she sunken to the bottom of the deep blue sea? Nope I am  here! I have been up to a bunch of things!

But the main thing I have been doing is changing my eating habits. And I owe it all to the book YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, a great book about health and nutrition. It’s not your typical book that tells you how to lose a bunch of weight but it’s SUPER true to its title You Are What You Eat.

Since reading my book grocery shopping has become so much easier. I am no longer just following a recipe for weight loss but a recipe for LIVING A LONGER LIFE AND FEELING GOOOOOD! It’s been a week since I have made the changes and as the book says, you feel the change within days!

Here are a few tips that I have been following, there are plenty more things to be learned but gradual changes are more realistic!

1. Fruit digests the fastest and in order to get all the nutrients needed you must eat it alone and not combine it with any other food. It’s the 1st thing you should eat in the morning.

I have been making fruit smoothies in the morning. My favorite so far has been 2 banana’s and pineapples. I bought a bag of frozen pineapples from Trader Joes. I added a little water to thicken or thin it out a bit. I don’t add yogurt–I don’t need the extra calories!

2. Understanding how to food combine. Learning how to do so will help you lose weight simply and in a healthy way.  And you wont have gas, bloating or digestive problems.

Group 1:Proteins Group 2: Carbohydrates Group 3:Non-Starchy Vegetables and Fats Group 4: Fruit ( email me if you want the full list of foods to eat)

Food Combining:

Groups 1&3

Groups 2&3

Group 4 alone

3. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the best things for your body. Fish is good for you as well. She doesn’t tell you not to eat chicken but she does say that pork isn’t the best thing for your body. Truly we all know that! I personally will be giving up chicken and sticking to fish instead.

Initially when I went grocery shopping I made a list of recipes I wanted to try but of course when your on a budget you opt out of recipes and go with what’s easiest and on sale.

I didn’t revert back to my old diet instead I focused on what I read from the book. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, different types of nuts and so forth. I bought a bunch of fruit for smoothies. I just might do some juicing next week but for now I will be a smoothie queen!

This is what I bought from Trader Joes


Fruit: Bananas, mangos, blood oranges, apples and regular oranges, frozen strawberries, blue berries, and raspberries.

Nuts: Almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts and cashews

Whole Grains: Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted bread, brown rice

 Seafood: Salmon, Whiting, Shrimp

Vegetables: Mixed stir fry vegetables, brussels sprouts, string beans

White Bean and Basil Hummus and 7 Layer Dip for the Super Bowl(Trader Joes has the best)!

I don’t think I left anything out. But I will say,  understanding the best types of foods to eat is KING in living healthy and losing weight. If your on a diet now I encourage you to opt out of that and simply go on a healthy eating kick! Read a book, educate yourself on what’s good for you and make the change! Especially if after you eat your constantly farting! I just had to add that for Diego’s Mom! You know who you are!

TRY SOMETHING NEWEzekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread, it has 84% more protein than milk and eggs! That’s pretty awesome for some bread! And it has great scripture backing!

Ezekiel 4:9® Sprouted Grain Bread is inspired by the Holy Scripture verse: “Take also unto thee Wheat, and Barley, and beans, and lentils, and millet, and Spelt, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it…”Ez 4:9 We discovered when these six grains and legumes are sprouted and combined, an amazing thing happens. A complete protein is created that closely parallels the protein found in milk and eggs. In fact, the protein quality is so high, that it is 84.3% as efficient as the highest recognized source of protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids. There are 18 amino acids present in this unique bread – from all vegetable sources – naturally balanced in nature. Ezekiel 4:9® Bread is made from freshly sprouted organically grown grains, is naturally flavorful and bursting with nutrients. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and natural fiber with no added fat.

Fabulously Eating What’s Right,

Ms. Karen Minor

3 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat!

  1. Wow how inspiring! I used to make smoothies all the time and now you make me want to get a blender! Question, I’ve seen that Ezekiel bread around cuz my aunt buys it. I feel like it would taste nasty. Does it taste good?

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