309% Increase in Christophobia

Hello blogging friends of the FREE WORLD! Hmmm the free world, I certainly think not! We live in a  world where not everyone is given the freedom that we have to worship whom we choose, wear the type of clothes we want, say what we want about whomever and frankly be who we choose to be regardless of others opinions and when our rights are taken away we are able to fight for the justice we deserve! I am not writing this because it’s black history month but I am writing this because there are people in this world that are fighting for their own HUMAN RIGHTS!

I have been sitting at this computer for about 20 minutes erasing blog post after blog post trying to figure out what to write about. I have a new hairstyle that I want to share but I believe in doing things from the heart because I want to be open and honest about where I am presently in my life.

In my reading this week I read an article in Newsweek, The War On Christians. When I initially picked up the magazine I didnt think much about it. I flipped through the entire magazine reading every other random article until finally I reached the one that made the front page. As I was reading each page my heart began to sink. Even sitting here thinking about it makes my heart move in a way that brings my face to shame and tears to my eyes.

‘The War on Christians: The Rise of Christophobia from one end of the Muslim world to the others, Christians are being murdered for their faith.’  That is what the opening page reads.  The statistics read: Terrorist attacks on Christians in Africa, The Middle East, and Asia increased 309% from 2003 to 2010. I am in tears thinking about this.

I am not trying to preach here or trying to push you to Christianity, I am simply wanting you to think of the world we live in as a place where people need our prayers, our donations and our awareness. We are fortunate to live in a nation where we are free to worship in our chosen places, free to read our Holy Bibles or other books of faith without hassle, arrest or in death.

I want to simply remind you that being in America has allotted you simple pleasure that others are denied. I am so ashamed of myself for not attending weekly Bible Study on Wednesdays when there are many that are in Bible studies all over the world in hidden places whispering and reading their Bible under a dim light.

When I read that churches in Nigeria were attacked on Christmas day last year and dozens were killed and many injured, I remembered how I opted out of attending church on Christmas because it fell on a Sunday and I wanted to be home instead!

I am not trying to do anything other than ENCOURAGE you to embrace the freedoms we have in our Nation and not take any of it for granted. And when you lift your hands in worship remember you stand for liberty and justice for all around the world! So don’t hide your faith or better yet don’t hide your light because there are thousands around the world that are dying because their light shines so bright!

Please pray for the safety of our sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus WORLD WIDE!

P.S. this isn’t written to offend anyone, I am just speaking for what I believe in and regardless of how others feel I believe in loving all with the love of God be it Christian or Muslim or any other religion or race!

Loving the Light of God in my heart,

Ms. Karen Minor

2 thoughts on “309% Increase in Christophobia

  1. The best article on your blog to date. I truly agree with everything you said. America is targeted also so prayer is absolutely needed and anything else we can do to stop what satan wants to do here and throughout the world. He cannot stop The Lord and each time there were persecutions, the church grew even to the point where people declared “I want to die like a Christian.” Keep up the GOD work, Karen. AK

  2. WOW this is such an eye opener for us thank you for bringing this to light and sharing with all that read your blog. Yes we are blessed to be able to praise God openly and freely without being killed, for that we should not take living for God for granted. Lets pray for our brothers and sisters around the world everyday. Thank you Karen

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