Build Fearlessly

Happy Friday! Sorry for the slow week in blogging! But next week is full of My Life Makeover! I cant wait to share!

Here is one of my favorite quotes from my readings this week:

Quotes by Shonda Rhimes

“I was fearless because it didn’t occur to me to be afraid. And that fearlessness saved me.”

“Fear tightens you up and confuses you and makes you react in ways that you shouldn’t, in ways that may be detriment to your vision even if they are totally in line with what someone else is thinking”

Fearlessness saved her! I love that.

Have a fearless weekend and create a fearless life!

Fabulously Fearless in the Eyes of Danger,

Ms. Karen Minor

P.S. Wondering why I sign off with Ms. Karen Minor because I am MY OWN BRAND! Just like you are your own brand! Think about it—Your name is who you are, it’s your brand—build it wisely! I have had since last year but haven’t shared it yet. It’s a work in progress! But I just thought it was time to share it with my peeps! I bought my domain name but the page is just a wack front page I created! But since I am building my life I thought it was time to share it with you all!

One thought on “Build Fearlessly

  1. Awesome once again, this is how I think and I love to read encourging things that reminds me that once someone told me that I didn’t have sense to be afraid, what they didn’t know is that I had all the sense in the world because I was fearless. I always fit boldness better and God gave me the confidence I needed to go with it. LOL and do the happy dance. 🙂

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