Boy Scouts & A Rock Star

Fashionalbe Rockstar

In front of Nordstrom Rack after dinner...cant even tell I wasn't feeling well

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my godson Xavier’s Boy Scouts Banquet! I truly enjoyed sitting in a room with a bunch of African American family’s celebrating their sons achievements. The banquet wasn’t just about celebrating them but also about celebrating Black History Month. All the troops did something in celebration of Black History Month. There were trivia questions and skits! Crowd participation! Fun times with a bit of history!

Xavier’s mom kept saying that Xavier’s Troop the Tigers thought I was a ROCKSTAR! They had a look of amazement when I went to their table. She told me to start singing a Jill Scott song but of course I refused! Silly!


This is such a great pictures of Xavier and his mommy and daddy! I wish I would have taken one of the entire family! He has 2 twin little brothers that are just as cute as he is!


After the banquet me and my sweetie pie went to dinner at Maggiono’s. I wish I had taken pictures of our dinner but I started to really get sick towards the end of the night. And actually I am still under the weather. I hate catching colds!

Well Happy Black History Month! And please teach your children to celebrate not only black history but the history of others! We live on this big earth together so we have to celebrate each other!

Fabulously Yours,

Ms. Karen Minor

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