Glimpse of the Future

We all have dreams! Right? I know I certainly do! And in order to make them a reality you have to work at bringing them to life one heart beat at a time! Over the past few weeks I have been working on something so AWESOME and I want to give you a glimpse of it!

This is Ms. Karen Minor’s Beauty Bar and it represents part of my dream! It’s important to take steps towards your dreams and build it brick by brick! If you don’t start now you never will. Don’t spend your life wishing you should have done things differently.

Steps to a bright trailblazer path to futuristic awesomeness:

1. You have lots of things you want to do right? Well write them all down and choose one to work on. I would say choose the one your most passionate about but honestly we are passionate about more than one thing generally! I know there are plenty of things I want to do but I narrowed my wants down and spaced them out month by month year by year.

2. Start it, start the journey! Even if this means getting a notebook and writing your plan out. Or you could get a binder and start putting magazine clips or newspaper articles that have brought interest to you. Starting a paper trail to success is very useful. I have tons magazine articles or blogs I have read with advice and nuggets of wisdom that have encouraged me.

3. Where you start may not be where you end up. But you have to start and as your start you will evolve and next thing you know your vision has grown into something so beautiful.

4. Don’t wait around for someone else to buy into your idea. Your all you need to get it done. Have faith in yourself and eventually others will catch on! Trust me!

5. And it’s okay to go at it alone! Sometimes we think we need someone to hold hands with because the road ahead seems so long and the company would be great! No. When it comes to building YOUR dream you need to answer to your own heart and allow nature to takes it’s course with you. Growing pains are inevitable but as long as your on your path the way will be lit so bright with the gift God created on the inside of you!

So get to it! Light a fire to your life and take a GLIMPSE INTO YOUR OWN FUTURE!

Shining Bright,

Ms. Karen Minor

5 thoughts on “Glimpse of the Future

    • Thanks sooooooooooo much! It inspires me even more to know that my words are boosting you and pushing you to be your best!

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