I try not to wear………

GRAY and BLACK! I find it to be the most easiest laziest combination to put together. It’s the two colors that I hate pairing together. During the colder months these are the colors you see the most around town. Black slacks, gray cardigan or jacket! And yet yesterday morning I couldn’t resist it, I gave in! I had another outfit in mind and it just didn’t work out as planned so I had to think fast and boom here it is! The colors I hate pairing together the most!

I guess if you have nothing but gray and black in your winter wardrobe, try pairing it with a pop of color. As you can see I still don’t have a pop of color on, just boring brown! Ha! I guess I don’t feel to bad about this outfit being that I do have on my Missoni for Target dress and that funky pattern makes this combination work! I guess!!

Do you find yourself pairing black and gray together because it’s easy? If that’s the case next time add a pop of color in there. Add a bright-colored necklace or some colored tights! Or you can just stay on the boring side!

Fabulously Wearing Gray and Black,

Ms. Karen Minor

5 thoughts on “I try not to wear………

  1. You are so funny! Grey and black? Ew! But you are making it work cuz of the patterned dress. I give you a B- because you put a brown belt on instead of following your colorful advice! Yeesh, was that harsh?

  2. I love the outfit u have on & ur hair is cute !!
    Crazy thing though , jonice @ i were JUST talking about this last week !! Saying how everytime we go shopping we always lean towards grays , blacks @ white , not on purpose but it happens & we said we want more color in our wardrobe !! Lol but we’ll get it together !! 🙂

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