The Battle Continues….kicking fatty!

Another week of planning my meals and sticking to my fitness routine!

Let’s start with my shopping list! Instead of listing everything, I took pictures instead! As I mentioned before I shop at Trade Joe’s, it’s my favorite grocery store. It opens up at 9am on Saturdays and me and Terry went early to beat the rush. And luckily we did, however there were quite a few people in there shopping with us!

I of course focused on fruits and vegetables and a bit of Salmon. Last week I didn’t eat any salads so I bought all the fixings for a hearty salad!


As you can see, I bought corn, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, squash, Asian vegetable fry mix, a salad mix, romaine lettuce and spinach.

Salmon is my favorite fish and Trade Joe’s sales this awesome package of it cut up! Perfect for my salads this week!


And of course I have to have my fruit. I use frozen fruit for making my morning smoothies. I also bought some pears, apples and blood oranges.

Food 2

Blood oranges are so yummy and the color is sooooo cool!

I am trying to add something new to my cabinets, so I bought a bag of flaxseeds to add to my smoothies in the morning.


One thing I didn’t get enough of was more healthy snack choices. Yes the seeds and nuts did me right but sometimes I wanted something sweet and cranberries and apples weren’t doing it for me. So I bought a few healthy things to try!

snacks 2

I am such a BIG fan of Hummus and chips. I looooooove the chips that Trader Joe’s sales, if you ever read the ingredients you will know exactly what your eating.

These Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips are soooooooooo good!  And of course I couldn’t not get my Omega Trail Mix. This is Terry’s favorite mix so I had to be the copy cat and bite off him! LOL! My sweet tooth craving should be happy with the Ends Pieces. This healthy snack is filled with mangos, strawberries and all sorts of fruit! I ate a couple of these during the day to keep me from wanting chocolate or the jolly ranchers sitting at the front desk!

I know this post is long but I cant end it with just talking about my food! I also have to include my fitness routine. I am still working out Tuesday-Thursday for 25 minutes now! Yes I added an extra 5 minutes this week! Baby steps people!

I bought these weights at the thrift store. When I think about the fact that I bought 3 weights in 3 different colors, I crack up! I bought 2 for $2.25 each and one for $1.99 totaling $6.49! Yeah that was a deal! Look, I honestly am on a budget and I am always looking for a bargain.

Well I hope you made some steps towards being a healthy you! Next Friday I will share a few new recipes. Until then have a great weekend and don’t forget to plan your meals! It truly helps you stay on track!

Fabulously Kicking Fatty in the BUTT,

Ms. Karen Minor

2 thoughts on “The Battle Continues….kicking fatty!

  1. I need to visit Trader Joe’s cause those snack sound good for Natalya. They also have flaxseed in powder (in case you wanted to know). Does Trader Joe really get packed?

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