“I’m bossaay…that’s right”

Break tradition and be BE A BOSS ABOUT IT!

I’m sure you’re wondering be a boss about what………YOUR LIFE……duh! LOL

That’s right boss your life! We live in a world where we are constantly bossed by everything! Time bosses us, stop lights, elevators, grocery shopping. All those things tell us when to go, how much we  can get with what’s  in our pockets! I know that sounds weird but its true! We are constantly being bossed by  someone else’s rules! We even have to continue to work when our assignments at work are done for the day! We can’t just say I finished for the day so I am going to just go on home “boss” nope, you have to sit there and pretend to be busy! Why because our time is “bossed”.

And what’s funny now that I think about it–TV bosses us too! Yup it does, it tells you what time to sit in front of the TV to see your favorite show! Hahahha! Okay I am laughing because that’s an extreme example but it’s still true.

So now I have to ask When are you going to start taking control of your life and be a BOSS!


Being a tumble weed is old school! Turn that TV boss off, get rid of that bossy baggage that’s holding you back. Be about something other than the bosses of the day!

Get your life in order-BOSS your life! In the end you can’t blame the bosses around you because ultimately you decided to let them take the lead!

So BE A BOSS ABOUT IT and enjoy your day,

MS. BOSS AKA Ms. Karen Minor

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