Happy Leap Day!

Frogs Google Doodle Leap Year 2012

Read about Google and it's leap year picture.

So of course today is Leap Day! And I am bummed because I didn’t plan for it. This is an extra day that the universe gave us and I am here sitting at my desk eating an orange. I am bummed over it! I should have planned a better way to spend my extra day, but instead I got up at O’dark hundred and made my journey to work! THUMBS DOWN! Am I coughing, am I sick all of a sudden and need to go home…………….NOT!

So in celebration of Leap Day I encourage you all to stay in bed and enjoy the rain………NOT! Like me your probably already at work! So instead make the best of the extra day and celebrate it however way you want! And if you want to get in on some tradition, propose to your boyfriend! Hahahhaha! That seems to be a going trend on Leap Year!

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I think I am going to get a shoebox and create a 2012 Leap Year Box and put everything about today in it, including this post and on the next leap year I am going to open it! I think this is a great idea!

 Quirky Mama wrote a cute post with some great ideas on how to celebrate Leap year! And of course she is making a time capsule as well!

So let me get to collecting! Tomorrow I will seal the box and put it on my shelf and open it in 4 years!

I think you should join me! Today collect everything about today, write yourself a letter or fill out a questionnaire like the one on Quirky Mama’s site and seal the box shut and open it on February 29,2016!

Happy Leap Day,

Ms. Karen Minor

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