Happy Rainbows and Bubbles Friday

Outfit: Floral top is a dress, sweater skirt - thrifted, jacket-walmart about 7 years ago

Happy Rainbows and Bubbles Friday makes no sense what so ever but I just love how it rolls off my tongue! So lets get down to business! I missed the mark this week!! Yes I worked out 1 time this week and didn’t eat enough fruit to fuel my body! I fell off the fit wagon and was dragged through pebbles and tumbl weeds!

So what do you do when you miss the mark—– YOU GET BACK UP AND TRY AGAIN AND AGAIN!

I did create a fitness inspiration board on Pinterest this week! I hope these keep you motivated! Today starts a new day if your like me and fell off this week!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

If I don’t see or talk to you this weekend do something exciting with your time or your dime! Whaaaaaaaaaa! I have the wackest rhymes ever!

Fabulously Spittin’ Wack Rhymes,

Ms. Karen Minor

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