Fingers Up to Tradition!

I have been all over my glitter nail polish this week! I painted my nails on Sunday and then again on Wednesday! Glitter always makes me smile! I literally catch myself sitting looking at my nails because I just love the sparkle! I currently work in an office and anyone looking at my nails might say it’s inappropriate for the work place. But I honestly refuse to be boxed in, I mean I don’t wear my favorite ripped up jeans to work on casual Friday because I know I would get the side eye! So instead I rebel against traditions in the simplest way possible–WITH MY NAILS! Sometimes looking at my nails is the one thing that keeps my mind right and focused on the fact that things won’t always be this way! One-day I will be so busy fulfilling my own dreams during the day that I wont even notice that awesome color on my nails until I realize I need to stop to smell the glitter! Until that day–I will dazzle my nails and toes with whatever makes me happy!

This look was inspired by my Steve Madden Glitter shoes worn here.

It’s okay to give the finger to tradition sometimes!! And I don’t mean that finger–I mean thumbs up–oh wait–a thumb isn’t a finger! Hahahahahahahahah! I hope your laughing with me!

All Fingers Up,

Ms. Karen Minor

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