This week was another hard week in fitness and nutrition. It is so easy to go backwards because your so used to eating what you want and believe it or not your body is an addict! It will crave everything it was used to eating until you retrain it!

This week I have been stuck on this quote I read from time magazine, it is what I have been holding in front of me when I didn’t feel like working out or when I wanted to keep snacking on the chocolate on my coworkers desk!

” Only when there is discipline there will be progress”

Isn’t this the truth. Discipline is the key to anything we want in this life. And without it you will never reach your goals. And I know it’s hard but you have to keep at it and if you fall get up and keep trying!

I have decided to refocus my attention on calories, making sure that I am eating not only the foods that are healthy for me but also making sure I stay within my calorie count.  So I am now using My Fitness Pal again to start logging my eating habits and exercise routine.   Initially I wasn’t going to do this and honestly I joined the site really so I can create my food journal so that I can give you a better view of what exactly I am eating for the week! I hope you join me on this challenge of living a healthier life. I want us to not only connect here but also over there at My Fitness Pal! We can give each other weekly encouragement and help each other stay focused!

After you read this don’t hesitate go over to the site and sign up and join my group!  I am KMarie2011!

Have a great weekend and if your smart like me which I know you are you will post “ Only when there is discipline there will be progress” on your refrigerator!

As always Striving to be my BEST EVER,

Ms. Karen Minor

2 thoughts on “Discipline……

  1. I’ve heard the most discipline route to losing weight is with Food Addicts Anonymous. Two ladies at my church have lost tremendous amounts of weight by sticking with their stringent plan. It involves prayer, committing with a coach daily to stick to a certain menu, eating the same time daily and not eating anything with flour or sugar. It works for those ready for the change in lifestyle. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. There are groups meeting all over town. I do agree with the statement, ” Only when there is discipline there will be progress”. AK

    • I have actually heard about this! And I know of one person that actually has done it. Quite interesting………I wonder if I would ever go this route!

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