My wack week in review!

Whew! What a wack week it’s been! The best part was seeing my niece and nephew every night after work! Other than that ummmm it was wack yall!

Well I guess there are a few things that makes my week worth talking about!

1. Shecky’s Girls Night Out: The concept is cute but the event its self I didn’t enjoy. I guess I can best explain it this way a flea market with free drinks! Now I did get to spend some time with my girl Angie aaaaaaaand I ran into one of my girls Makeeda! She was looking so cute and she smelled like Aveda (heart)!

2. I took some pictures of spring! I do this every year! I just love how trees spring forth all on one accord! If only us humans could change this world for the better all on one accord! Seeing trees bloom reminds me of all my favorite quotes:

Just as the trees lose their leaves so they can grow back stronger, now is the time for you to lose your fears so that you can grow stronger!

Time to spring forth something new in your life!

I had to share this little guy! So cute!

3. Plants on plants on plants like racks on racks on racks! I have a patio that needs some lovin’ this spring/summer so I bought 2 plants. I have one plant named Sparkle, I had to bring her back to life, she isn’t pictured here because she is getting repotted this weekend.

This is Flipper, isn’t he beautiful! He will need to be repotted in a few weeks!

Aaaaaand here is Duchess! She was on the sale rack waiting for a new home! She needs some TLC! And I have plenty to give!

4. Skateboards! No I don’t ride but my soul mate Nicole does!  I am designing a board for her! The two of us have some awesomeness going on between us! And you will see when the trees lose their leaves!

5. I am a Hulu subscriber and am in love with Shark Tank and Fashion Fund! Fashion Fund is the real deal! This show has Project Runway beat!!

6. I know everyone is raving about what’s hot for spring, everyone wants that mint green whatever or those color popping jeans or trousers trends are fabulous but for Ms. Karen Minors sake have your own style!

7. Pandora’s Chubb Rock Station, hearing Kool Moe Dee’s ” I go to work” as I was literally walking to work! Ha!

8. Prayer Request! If a friend asks you to pray for her don’t say you will and don’t! Be real and sincere! Pray for your friend immediately–your prayer just might be the break through they need!

9. What I have been reading online this week:

Dating clichés that are actually true

Can faith and online dating work?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I think that’s it!

Until Monday enjoy whats left of this wack week,

Ms. Karen Minor

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