Loving YOU

Today is Tuesday and I can’t get the message from Sunday out of my head. It was about loving yourself and changing the viewpoint of who you are or how you feel about yourself. Pastor Damon really delivered an awesome word on loving and forgiving yourself.

I think we all have our moments where we think less of ourselves. We fill our days or nights with endless self-criticism or regrets and wishes for “do overs”. Some of us have those moments for a 5 minute pity party while others carry it for a season and some for years.   When do you finally say enough is enough?  Breaking the cycle of self hate is a process that takes time and effort. Sad is the world we live in when everything is cured with a pill, alcohol, sex and drugs or whatever that band aid may be.

1. Forgive yourself in order to move forward: We don’t realize the importance of this, forgiving yourself for mistakes we have made or the wrong decisions that may have cost us a few things.

2. Dont hold a grudge against yourself: Dont mean mug your own reflection in the mirror.

3. Dont walk in unforgiveness against yourself, then you will never get what you deserve: I honestly had the biggest issue with this, sometimes we think a good thing is too good to be true but really we don’t think we are worth having something so great!

4. Dont give up on yourself: Everyday do something towards self-love!

5. Stop looking back: When your constantly looking back your always tripping over things in front of you. And you could be tripping over that change you have been waiting for.

6. Look forward: Keep focus don’t lose sight of where your going or where you want to be!

As for me  I have decided to sign these declaration:

And if you’re looking for the right kind of love LOOK TO GOD! Ask Him how to love yourself unconditionally just as He loves you with no conditions.

Love you as myself,

Ms. Karen Minor

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