Afternoon Delight

Horrible Picture!

My wardrobe is stuck! I love the weather change but I am so in between seasons! One-day it’s cold the next it’s hot! And not to mention every time I transition seasons it takes me a minute to get int he groove of things. I have no idea what my spring style is going to be. I am not into “trends” so a trip to the thrift store is well over do!

 And me and magazines haven’t been getting along. I went to CVS looking to snag some new magazines and to my surprise there wasn’t not one that caught my eye. I stood there for sometime looking for Lucky or even Style and guess what–NOTHING! Not one in sight!

So I took to Amazon, looking for something that would last beyond whats “hot” right now! And I found this book by Nina Garcia!

Nina Garcia shares her top 100 items every fashionista should have in her closet!  To quote Nina, you need to alter the items to suit your personal style. After all, dressing up is an expression of one’s style.

So even as trends make their way into each season, please beware! If it doesn’t suit your figure please don’t try to make it work! i don’t wear maxi skirts because I am to short and my body shape is to round for it! I do better with form-fitting long skirts!

I haven’t gotten through her list of 100 just yet but this book is giving me what I need to transition into a new season!

I needed a boost!

I also added Rachel Zoe’s Style A to Zoe! I just love reading about the great fashionista’s and their take on style. Sometimes magazines just don’t do it for me!

I hope you enjoyed my afternoon delight!

Until tomorrow-KEEP SHINING,

Ms. Karen Minor

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

  1. GURL, I totally wore something I thought I never would today. I was feeling so punk rock today so I wore a fitted blue cashmere sweater with my Daughtry tee with the neck cut out. Jeans, boots and wild hair but I thought of you and added a classy purse and scarf to down play the crazy. I SOOO felt like you! I actually was inspired by a feeling and translated it to my outfit! Thanks for your blog Kera Kare!

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