Quotes every fashionista should embrace……

American Women need options!

” There are no ugly women, just lazy ones”- Helena Rubinstein

I am a true believer in this statement. We all have the potential to look and feel better about ourselves but it takes time and effort.

“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”    -Diane Von Furstenberg

Of course looking at yourself naked in the mirror will move you to self hate if you’re not at your ideal weight. But you know what looking at myself I realized “this is who I am right now”. So instead of crying a river I got up and got moving! I exercised and lifted some weights! And now I feel great!

“While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strange effect on her self-confidence, which I believe, does make the woman.” – Mary Kate Olsen

Confidence, confidence, confidence! That word should be deeply rooted in your heart! We all have “off” days where we just simply missed the mark but confidence always carries you through that day until the next day.

Personal style is so important people! Check out this message that one of my readers left me yesterday:

“GURL, I totally wore something I thought I never would today. I was feeling so punk rock today so I wore a fitted blue cashmere sweater with my Daughtry tee with the neck cut out. Jeans, boots and wild hair but I thought of you and added a classy purse and scarf to down play the crazy. I SOOO felt like you! I actually was inspired by a feeling and translated it to my outfit! Thanks for your blog Kera Kare!”

I love my Patty Cakes! Not only  does she have personal style she has the biggest heart ever!

That’s what it’s all about finding your personal style and having fun with it!

As you can see I am still reading Nina’ Garcia’s The One Hundred book. I love this book. I know it’s from years back but you know what, fashion is ever-changing but style is FOREVER!

Fabulously loving my body, loving my style and pouring over with confidence,

Ms. Karen Minor

7 thoughts on “Quotes every fashionista should embrace……

    • Shanana and our friend Patricia are obsessed over Doughtry! They are making tshirts for his concert next month! lol

    • Your welcome! I am making myself over too! For starters get some magazines and find what you like, cut the pictures out, look in your closet or visit a thrift store and create those looks! And if you need my help, I would love to assist!

  1. I need some ideas for women of my age. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I just need some help. However everytime I walk out the door I think I look cute. LOL I got the walk and attitude.

    • Ma you do very well with your attire. You have style and even in sneakers you find away to do your famous walk! One day I am going to record you and show everyone your famous walk! The men all pause walk!

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