An Extra Polish Will Do Ya!

The One Hundred Nina Garcia

Honestly, sometimes all we need is that extra umph! An extra polish will do ya just fine! Nail polish is just that, it’s that extra polish every women needs that makes them look well put together.

Well groomed nails is a plus to everyone’s wardrobe. I take time every weekend to polish my nails. I am obsessed with this tradition of mine. My polish lasts me all week. As of lately I have been creating cute little designs on my nails.

Nude with a pop of design!

The close up of my creation! It reminds me of a zebra sitting under a blue sky! That description might be a bit much….lol

Practice makes perfect! You can do it!

I bought some $1 nail art polish in white and black.

LA Colors Black Art Deco, LA Girl-Darling, LA Color Craze-580, LA Colors White Art Deco


Nail polish was invented 5,000 years ago by the Ming Dynasty. Nail polish represented your rank. Royalty were known to wear red polish while lower ranked women wore very pale colors. Queen Nefertiti wore ruby-red and Cleopatra wore a rust red!

Who cares what color you wear today, in my opinion it’s all about having a little fun with your polish. Now don’t take this the wrong way, there is a level of appropriateness that we all must adhere to at times. I am not saying wear neon green to a board meeting! But still have some fun on your nails.


According to Nina Garcia’s list there are four “big fashion nail polishes:

The Red, The Light Pink, The Black, and The Clear.

And honestly, I agree! These truly are the basics that we all should have.

But don’t limit your creativity, there is nothing wrong with adding a little more color to your collection. I know there are a lot of new colors for Spring that I can’t wait to get my hands on!

My New Spring Favorites

Wet & Wild’s new line of nail polish Spoiled. Yes yall and it’s only $1.99. See what I mean no excuse to not having nail polish!

And of course the little bit more pricier polish:

Essie’s Spring Collection-$8

And of course Nicole by OPI-The Kardashian Collection which I love- $8

I know this was a long post! And as you can see I am a nail polish junkie! I have polish all over the place, my mom’s house, sisters house, Terry’s car and I even leave colors behind at friends houses.

A well polished gal,

Ms. Karen Minor

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