For the Love of Fashion Bananas!

Yall! Yall! Whew! I am out of breath…..still from my morning workout! Okay fine, I am exaggerating a bit! My workout was earlier this morning but can I just say I can feel it all in my arms and legs! And my energy level is at 10! When I am amped up like this my coworkers always ask me ” Have you had sugar”.

Anyways………that Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD is BANANAS!! It is the ultimate HOTNESS! The 3 step routine she has put together is a beast! Well it is for me. I am only on level 1 and I was sweating and making noises, my arms were tired. I am finally putting my thrift store weights to better use! In 30 days they say you will see results! I cant wait to wear my bikini in 30 more days! Yall know that’s a joke, I mean I could wear one if I wanted to, will I look good NOPE, will I get the “WTH” looks, YUP! I am all for statement necklaces and statement bags but not a STATEMENT MESS!!! LOL!

As for logging my meals on Myfitness Pal, I was very successful this week. I managed to starve myself! I didn’t eat enough calories a few of the days not on purpose, it just happened that way!

Needless to say, if you haven’t purchased a fitness dvd, joined a gym or signed up for Myfitness Pal! What are you waiting for? Not only is being fabulous about looking your best it’s also about health and nutrition. Putting your best efforts forward to living a fulfilling life!

And as you can see I finally got my Rachel Zoe book that I purchased from Amazon! I cant wait to read it this weekend! I flipped through it and as she would say it’s AHMAAAZING, I am telling you fashion changes but style is forever and for the love of fashion bananas I will always do my best to encourage and uplift those around me to live and be the best 100% they can be!

It’s bananas baby,

Ms. Karen Minor

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