Mid-Week Motivation…Grind Don’t Stop

It’s Wednesday and I am sure if your like me, you need some mid-week motivation! Well an old friend of mine from middle school posted on Facebook that she lost 30lbs and I of course just had to know all about how she did it. I am looking forward to having an awesome story like her this time next year. I hope this motivates you to get serious about health and fitness!
Read the interview and get amped and fired up! Get moving.
And as Aquita says it best “Grind Don’t Stop”
Hey Aquita! You know I am pumped over your weight loss! It’s such an inspiration and I would  love to share your success!
 I have a few questions to ask!
1. What keeps you motivated?
When I try on old clothes that I couldn't even dream of wearing again..that gets me so amped. I constantly update my progress on FB and twitter and the feedback that I get from others is a big motivator. I often get status updates and inboxes of people telling me that I've inspired them to lose weight. I feel like if I don't keep going for myself then I will keep going for them. I love that I can shop in stores that I couldn't shop in anymore. When I look at my comparison pictures I'm even more motivated. 
2. How long did it take for you to lose 30lbs?
It has taken me a year and a half to lose 40 lbs. These last 25 lbs have taken about 4 months. I just decided to become extremelyfocused and motivated. I was tired of the ups and downs and stopping and starting. I'm sticking to it until I reach my ultimate goal. I want to lose 30 more lbs.
3. What's your fitness routine?
Mon, Wed, and Thursday I do an 1 hour spin class. Wed before spin I do a 20 minute Kettlebell workout. Thursday before spin I do an 1 hour Tight n' Tone Class. Saturday I do Zumba! I like to mix up my cardio with my Resistance Training. It keeps your musclesguessing and working. Therefore you are maximizing the fat burn! 
4. What's your top 3 workout songs that keep you moving?
Well all of my classes have music so I really don't have anything personally.However,every time I hear "I'm sexy and I know it"byLMFAO I go extra hard in spin class!!
5. Number 1 tip for staying fabulous?
My #1 Tip for staying fabulous is staying the course. You have to look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself that absolutely nothing will stop your grind. "My motto "Grind Don't Stop"
Anyhoo! Thanks for your willingness to answer these questions!
No problem...it's my pleasure!

Well loves I hope this keeps you going this week! I know it’s going to keep me motivated beyond this week. This story is going on my fitness vision board!

Aquita thanks so much for your time! You are absolutely fabulous! I am looking forward to a shopping trip together but first I need to make sure I can shop in the same stores as you!

I am grinding, wont stop,

Ms. Karen Minor


4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Motivation…Grind Don’t Stop

  1. Awwwwwwe- that’s a great and motivating story… I feel soooo inspired. I am definitely going to my Zumba class today.. I need stay consistent and keep on the grind..thanks ladies

  2. Awww Karen..thanks again for interviewing me! Health and fitness are now a part of my lifestyle and I love being a motivation to others!

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