Kate Moss Obsession-Vogue April 2012

Kate Moss in April 2012’s Vogue Magazine has me going bananas! I am in love with Ritz Paris, always have been. The rooms are decked beautifully to my liking. I have always dreamt of having a romantic one week stay there but only if I could cough up $5,000 +. One day but for now I dream in lavish colors of gold and tapestries of flowers and beautiful dresses made of charmeuse.

Kate Moss should have made the cover not Jenifer Lopez, no offense!

Thanks to my girl Patty Cakes for giving me the April 2012 Vogue Magazine, I certainly wasnt impressed with JLO on the cover. I like her but it wasn’t enough to grab the mag! But if I would have seen a picture of Kate Moss dressed in any of these lavishly wonderfully made for the eyes of Ms. Karen Minor I would have bought it.

The creativity speaks to me in so many ways! Whew!

Ms. Karen Minor for Kate Moss!

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