Tari and SnobSwap

 I attended SnabSwap last night at Tari in Georgetown. The event was very interesting but none the less I enjoyed looking at all the aaaaaahmaaaaazzing clothing at Tari, the vintage and couture had my eyeballs spinning! It was nice meeting other bloggers from the DMV and networking with others. The concept of SnabSwap is pretty cool, check out their website for more details.

I just love this picture in Tari!

Sabrina is always a joy to be around! I love her energy.

Tamika from My Designer Dreams blog

Katherine from Healthy Glow Blog

And of course here are a few of my favorite designer pieces that I can’t get my mind off!


I want this for a photo shoot! It's on sale for $50

Chanel Suit $1,200

Missoni! I love this dress!

And of course the accessories! Handbags and Jewelry!



And of course there are no pictures of me. I rushed from work and didn’t get a chance to change my clothes so I looked a mess!

Anyways people! Enjoy your weekend and next week I will be consistently doing Ms. Karen Minor!

I am still fabulous,

Ms. Karen Minor

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