Poppin In Pink while Thinking Like A Man

Outfit: Pink Jacket-Thrift Store, Missoni for Target Dress, Black Leggings, Pearls-Tracy Lynne

Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend! I surely did. Saturday I spent part of my day with my cousins! We saw Think Like a Man. I enjoyed it tremendously. It was funny and had a lot of truths to it. The ending of course was fairy tale-ish, but I still loved it. I have never read the book Act Like A Lady, Think Like a Man but I hear it’s a great read for every single gal! Although, I have never read that particular book on dating I did read “Secrets About Men that Every Woman Should Know” and I have learned a great deal about men. My love gave it to me on our 2nd date. He read ” Secrets About Woman that Every Man Should Know”.  He is a believer in self growth which is one major thing we have in common. I just never thought to read books on dating or how to have a successful relationship. But he was all about changing the mistakes he made in the past and understanding why he kept making those same mistakes. After sitting for hours and talking to him I realized that I needed to make some changes in my personal life so that I would have a better dating experience. And after doing so, we have such a great healthy relationship! And I am so proud of it!

I know some people think they don’t need a manual on dating, or a how to on finding that special someone. Well if you haven’t had a successful relationship or a successful marriage then maybe you should read a book or two for tips and such. There is nothing wrong with learning. I mean really we should be life learners.

I know after reading the book that my love bought me, my perspective on my personal behavior in relationships changed. At first I was like “Who needs a book” but honestly we all need some type of training besides trial and error!

So if you haven’t seen the movie or read the book, now is a good time to  “THINK” about what you want in life and love. And if that means getting some training on either subject than DO IT! You have nothing to lose. So if you suck as a girlfriend, wife or even a person–get a book, take a class……….MAKE A CHANGE!

Fabulously Learning How to be the BEST,

Ms. Karen Minor

7 thoughts on “Poppin In Pink while Thinking Like A Man

  1. I agree with more learning…I used to work with a lady who met a man on a cruise and was engaged when she returned. I told her to get counseling but she insisted since they both have been married before, they didn’t need it. She later learned more about him and they broke up. I am all about doing the work because it’s a must before, during and after marriage. Bye the way…you look pretty in pink. Love, AK

    • Thanks for the compliment! And yes we all need some level of work before a marriage, while dating and during marriage! Thanks for the post and words of wisdom!

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