Lipstick and Pearls Weekly Recap

Outfit: My coworker says I look like I am going to the club! Is that so? I think not!

Happy Friday everybody! Thank God! Thank ya!

Lets jump right to it! There are a few events I am looking forward to attending this weekend and in May! I wish I could be everywhere but unfortunately I am not a Hero! Yes I am still a fan of the show!

Here is my weekend and beyond list:


ROMANTIC MOVEMENT DC click The ladies of 8 Vintage from Be Loud Be You and The Ravenous Creator

The Romantic Movement Visual

And you know whaaaaaaaaaaaa! If I didn’t have plans this Saturday, I would without a doubt be at this event! I looooooooove it! I want to be in a room with vintage clothing and accessories  I passed this info along to a few peeps! I so hope they attend if not I guess I will be searching for pictures online for this event!

On May 4th Luxe Lifestyle will present the first annual BEHIND THE SCENES OF NOVA FASHION WEEK. Who doesn’t love a fashion show! I am sooooo interested in seeing how it all comes together!

Well my people, I am sure I can go on and on but I guess I will end it here!

I am looking forward to this weekend, I have my little sisters baby shower! The decorations are bananas! I can’t wait to share the pics! And I can’t wait for lunch. I am going with a few gals from work to the MAC counter….they need a new look and yours truly are hooking them up on a fly!

Lipsticks, diamonds and pearls OH MY, lipstick, diamonds and pearls OH MY,

Ms. Karen Minor

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