Keys to the Imagination of Building

” I am convinced that what separates entrepreneurs from the non- successful ones is pure perseverance”-Steve Jobs

Everyone is looking for the key to open up your very own destiny. Some are constantly looking for those special secrets to success, reading book after book, hoping to kick start it all. Let me say this, I am not against reading self help books. I am all for them! Knowledge is power!

However, there is no point to reading these books if your simply looking for an easy fix, easy way out or some deep secrets to getting rich.

Look at it this way, when Jesus first read the scripture- today these words are already fulfilled in your ears (Read Luke 4:14-21), although He said it as if it was already done, He still walked out and began His work. He read those words and immediately took action.

Jesus today would have been an entrepuernuer, He worked at what He was called to do. He new his purpose and why He was here, and He was driven by PASSION! He was born with a purpose, God put it on the inside of Him.

I ask you this today, What are you passionate about? You were born with a purpose. Search your heart because there lies your purpose. And if you need to open a few books, I get it, but no one can unveil that secret but you. And finding that takes perseverance, time, prioritizing and most importantly passion!

The moment you take action and start doing something different, a whole new world will be unveiled.

And like Jesus you can say-Today these words are fulfilled in your ears!


Ms. Karen Minor

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